Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Line 6 Modeller Stomp Switches

You know how you can get the amazing double presets on your MM-4, DL-4, or any other Line 6 modelling stompbox? Instead of using the expressino pedal, you can have a nifty little stomp switch!

Dream Muff MKII

For Daniel of Canada! Good buddy of mine, and hopefully he sees this! Look to see more of this dude on my pages.

Bought it second hand for him and then modded and sent with the Dyna Comp to his doorstep while he visited the states.

Stargazer FX "Angel Crank"

Well, here goes another one for Eric of Austrailia! A close cousin to the Eulalia pedal in design, but with plenty of crunchy goodness added in!

Hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mondo Mouse #002

Well, each is custom -made for the user. And this one went out to my good friend, Robbie Van Hoy of Red Springs NC. I'm happy to have made Soundland studios one pedal happier! :D

Stargazer FX Mid-Life Crisis

A freind on the guitargeek forums needed a special pedal made. So I took the liberty to fulfill it to his exact specs. The colors, behavior of the pedal, and even the labels for the knobs.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Hi, everyone!

Stargazer FX is still alive, but I've just been so busy working with pedals, amps, guitars and school that I haven't been able to update in a while. A lot has been done and will be posted as I am able to do so. Have quite a few new products coming your way over the summer. Which is also when I'll be building between one and five of each so that I have some stockpiled without having much wait time for them. Tons of new stuff, and all great and original designs. May also be adding a few tutorials for those who are trying to get into the DIY groove!

I've also been working on recording some new material with my solo music, an online collaboration with some friends overseas. [Predominantly my Austrailian bretheren and "siteren"] =] So expect tons of great new things soon.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Stargazer FX Modded Marshall Guv'nor +

I had bought one of these pedals back when I first started loving the Marshall sound. Out of the box, I thought it was a bit too compressed and muddy, then the nasally honk of unbalanced midrange was killing me!

So I eventually modded it for a more versatile tone and added a "Model" switch. Then my buddy Donnie of Mississippi ended up trading me a Boss CH-1, Zoom Power Driver 5000, and Danelectro Fab Echo for the Guv'nor Plus. Here's what Donnie said after he had gotten the time to play through it: [two days, and the first was just waiting to find time to play it :D]

"As far as getting the EQ dialed in just right for my tastes, I'm done.

Gain=Max, Deep=2:00, Bass=2:00, Mid=12:00, Treble=1:00, Volume=8:00

B.C. Rich Guitar-GV2-Clean Channel of 5150 Head-DigiVerb set to Spring Emulation in FX Loop-Open Back 2x12" Cabinet. Guitar Vloume set to 5, and Guitar Tone set to 8.

I must confess that for 95% of the hour and a half or so I've spent with this pedal, I've had the Gain maxed out, just trying to get killer JCM and JTM tones via the switch mod. It's a rock-n-roll machine. I've yet to see how it sounds at "Overdrive" settings. I liked it so much as a "Mid-Gain" pedal, that I got sidetracked. Lower gain experiments will happen over the weekend I'm sure.

JCM setting with Gain Maxed = Welcome to the Jungle, Tush
JTM setting with Gain Maxed = Whole Lotta Love, Ain't Talkin' Bout Love

It has a Clear, Articulate, Crisp, Bright, Crunchy, Upper-Mid Emphasis. It sounds just like a Marshall Amp with the Gain set High."

And soon, He will be sending me some audio clips and with his permission, I will add them to the Stargazer FX Soundclick.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stargazer FX "Mondo Mouse"

For a long time, I have LOVED the sound of a Rat! And now, my aussie friend Eric calls in a request for a Stargazer FX take on a classic design. :) You know where that could end up at!

So I bought every single component in the highest quality and bought a PCB from Tonepad which turned out to be just as much beautiful in looks as sound! This pedal really goes without saying; so here's some pictures to tell you thousands of words:

V controls Volume, F is the Filter, D is the Drive control, G is the Girth of the distortion, and S is the Smoothness in the overdrive; M/T/C switch is the mode selector. M=Mondo/T=Turbo/C=Classic. In the Demo I generally have the settings as you see them in the photos running into my Modified Blues Junior and going through the modes and sometimes fiddling with the knobs settings.

And the soundclips can be found here:

Congrats to Eric Bagnara of Austrailia! Youve got number one, but Ill have the next one! It was great working with you on it man.

Oh and did I mention that it self-oscialltes at higher gain settings with the Girth and Smoothnes at the more extreme settings? Pretty much every imaginably useful tone can be obtained by the Mondo Mouse! I'm very proud of it and look foward to your demos Eric.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Stargazer Fx Waves of Aurora


One of my favorite designs has just been decided to be a full release! My best design, IMO, for a fuzz/overdrive hybrid. Cleaning up the fuzziness leads to a softer distortion/smooth overdrive tonality. This is one pedal that you can always count on to respond to whatever you play into it. The dynamics of your playing will greatly affect the texture and feel of the W.o.A. Silicon-based and can be custom-designed per order. [Colors, Extra tone controls, etc.] True Bypass, super-bright LED, and handcrafted by me in the USA. All orders made on a requested basis, and personal contact and conversations will be made concerning your order.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Updated Rig [Hopefully the Real Thing!]


I modded the amp last night and put it together this morning. sounds good, but I just have to sort out the Hum issues. I removed the reverb and master volume controls and replaced the master with a new volume control, and added an FX Loop toggle for straight amp/Amp with FX Loop. It's got a very nice twin-ish/blackface-y sound to it, I threw in some more midrange though. Touch of warmth too!

I think to fix the hum, Ill just have to send all of the reverb signal to ground. The only other thing is how the speaker buzzes when I play a resonant note or if I play loud at all...


Okay, here's the newest incarnation!

-MIM Fender Fat Strat HH Deluxe [Black]
-MIM Fender Standard Tele [White]

Gtr>SD-1>Blues Jr.

Gtr>A/B/Y>[A]>SD-1>Blues Jr[send>MX200, left channel in and out>return]
>[b]>GV-2>Hot Rod Dlx[send>SSVB>MX200, right ch, in& out>return]

A/B/Y is homemade, Spidey Stomp Volume Box is homemade, SD-1 is modded ["Passion Drive"], Gv-2 is modded [less mud, LED and GE/LED clip switch], Blues Jr is modded [Blackface, True bypassable FX Loop, Celestion G12-HT 100 speaker, Reverb circuit is hard-wired to "off" mode and all connections to the reverb circuit from the rest of the amp are disconnected].

[Blues Jr.]
Sovtek 12AX7 as V1, Groove Tube 12AX7-R as V2, and EHX 12AX7EH as V3, Matched pair of JJ EL84 output tubes.

EHX 12AX7EH as V1 & V2, all else is stock.

(pics and vids are soon to come. Need to get rid of the speaker resonance!)


Soundclips here:


Okay, so im changing a few things around!

My Tele and Strat each have their own rigs:

Tele>SD-1*>Red '69 Fuzz [made by plmr5181]>Blues Jr.*
[in FX Loop] Digitech RP80>DD-20>Phase 90*>Digiverb>Choralflange>RC-2

Strat>GV-2*>MT-2*>BF-3>HRD[Spidey Stomp Volume box in loop]

Tele's Rig is more for general playing and spacey/everything just about. Strat's Rig is more of a driving rock sound! and more of a "Standard" sort of rock/rawk tone for Bigger distortion tones.

Oh! Im also starting to love my little Yamaha keyboard. Tons of fun and great for recording backing tracks and such. I use it with the RC-2 alot to record the background loops when Im not running the Tele through a loop.

*=Stargazer FX Modified

Tons of pics and music to come! Ill actually find time to record.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stargazer FX "Humbug"

Do you have trouble with your pedals' power supply? All of the noise from your Boss DS-1 driving you craaazy? [I know mine is.]

Some hum in your effects chain is caused by a poorly regulated and filtered power supply. The choppy DC waves that are put out by a wall wart's constant stream of power causes these high frequency oscillations which are heard from the pedals. And who has the time to go through the hassle of using only batteries for their pure-wave with no hum?

Well, I've found a solution! All you really need is some extra filtering and adjustment on your DC power supply and then, voila!, the hum is gone!

Using only the best components and very nit-pickingly hand-made right here in the USA, I present the "Humbug". This little bugger will eat all of those choppy DC waves and let out a wave that the pedal wants to see.

Friday, August 7, 2009

JMH's Time to Fly!

Well, today is August 7th.. John Mark leaves for college at UNCA tomorrow morning, and he came by to say his final goodbyes to me and pick up any extra gear he needed. I had to say two of the hardest goodbyes in my life too. First to him and then to his amp that I modded... Cant wait to get one of my own!!Here are some photos and vids of the man and his machine!

John Mark really plays it like a pro. :) I'm glad to do business with him and be somewhat of an exclusive collaborator to and with him. He makes me proud of what I do!I'll miss ya John Mark! Even though we're not next door, it aint good bye for sure. :D Ill keep up with you on Facebook. All of my thanks to you and anytime you need my services, just call me up!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stargazer FX "Homme Des Cavernes Orthodoxe"

My newest product, but oldest design has arrived!

The Stargazer FX "Homme Des Cavernes Orthodoxe" has arrived as our smallest and craziest pedal yet, especially out of the ones on the site. [Some designs go unrecognized or unauthorized to enter the site.] But our most Massive Gain Monster has arrived; and its our little dark secret.

One knob control how much insane and warm "Output" the "H.D.C.O."pushes into your amp, and the other controls the "Juice" that the pedal recieves and varies it's overall response accordingly. This pedal also reacts very subconsciously to your playing and volume. if you roll it back and use lower "Juice" settings youll get the 8-bit sounds of your favorite old arcade games and the new-age sputter and velcro-grind that HDCO does so well. If you like, sludge, fuzz, or fudge;  This little beast has all of the things you love in one, with enough volume to make the windows shake with a good amp. The decay is also varied depending upon tone, playing styles and juice. In some settings, there will be some wavering and others have a very short decay. A self-silencer is included for minimal noise operation while retaining clarity, doominess, and sustain. Also features True Bypass with LED and a boss style, heavy duty metal DC jack. This pedal will not accept a 9Volt battery; it must be run from wall power. I am attempting a conscious effort to help our environment in doing so. and if neccesary, you can always get a Boss Style Dc jack to 9 Volt connector style adapter, or if you absolutely need one I can one make for you, just add $5 to your order.

With different playing caveats and with the guitar's tone knob in various positions you have endless options with the HDCO.

A rough idea of what it can sound like: (with reverb thrown in a few times to accentuate the natural hugeness of the HDCO)[link shows entire recording session I took while I was playing with it; so youll have plenty to listen to. :)] (Split into three parts.)


Using a Stargazer FX JMH modified Blues Jr. and my Strat in D-standard with Drop-C on the low E string.

It ain't easy being the smallest in the family. :)

The first H.D.C.O. has been created! for Eric of Austrailia:
Artwork may vary on select models, but this may be what I stick with. and notice how bright the Pink LED is! :)

Friday, July 31, 2009

Stargazer FX Wah Mod Deluxe

Are you tired of your old Crybaby wah? Does it suck all of the life from your tone? Or has playing it just gotten boring and seemingly useless?

I've got the cure for you! I will take your old wah; Crybaby, Vox, Etc. and Modify it to your exact specs. so what do you need?

  • Bass/Guitar switch (useful when swapping between the two)
  • True Bypass
  • Foot-on activation/Foot-off bypass
  • LED
  • More warmth to the wah
  • More Vocal quality
  • Extended Wah Sweep and Range
  • Wah/haW switch (Reverses the sweep of the wah)
  • Wah/Volume switch
  • Stargazer FX Exclusive "Revolu-wah"! (makes your wah do the foot action for you, by revolving the sweep instead of using your foot to control it and adjusted by the speed knob next to the switch between manual and Revolu-wah)
  • Spring-Action (so that it will return to the comfortable heel-down or toe-down position when you finish playing; please specify toe or heel down.)
  • "Flavor" knob
  • Switchable Bass/Mids/Vocal/Sweep Mods
  • Manual/Parked wah modes (allowing you to set a position for the wah to be parked at, or switch back to control it with your foot.)
  • "Q" Control

Just let me know what you need or want and Ill work something out with you.

And Remember; If you see the "Revolu-wah" anywhere else, it's not the real deal. I'm the only person Ive found to even implement this design in a stompbox or any other form.

I am also working on developing a Touch mode with sensitivity control for how the wah responds to your pick attack, just like a touch wah/autowah/filter would!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Line 6 Modeller Mods

Im now offering mods to correct the Volume drop; add a double preset footswitch so that you can change from one setting to another from a remote location,and still have the use of the stock jack; change the LEDs to almost whatever you want!; then I can also upgrade the stomp switches to a stronger and smoother switch.

Im performing this to my MM-4 very soon. Drop me a line if you're interested!

A Little Help for my Friends! (AFF)

So I have a friend (AFF on GG). He's asked me for help on some occasions and I wanted to throw a page up for him on here!

To learn how he did an 18 volt Mod to EMGs, look here:


For his entire list of instructables, go here:


Here's his band too!:


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

EHX/Sovtek Green Russian Small Stone

Wow! This thing is the most phasey sound Ive ever heard! The bubbly character is only surpassed by the inherent warmth of the phase.

Only problems are:

  • Noise when Bypassed
  • Noise when engaged
  • Tone suck on bypass (SPDT used for output switching on older units like this)
  • Volume drop due to tone suck (there is none, just the out-of-phase character in comparison to the in-phase guitar makes you think there's a difference.)
  • Gentle whoosh during bypass
  • Overly "woofy" sound at times
  • Crappy circuit design
  • LED problems
  • No battery preservation

So I gave it a Millenium 2 bypass, added a depth control and a "Timbre" switch.

The Depth will control how deep the phaser dives in comparison to the dry signal, acting more as a Dry/Wet Ratio for the amount of phase... Confusing, huh?

Timbre will affect how much bass is allowed into the circuit, after being buffered. Also affects the overall response and feel of the swirls. 

And it has a nice Green LED to match! and new Metal jacks for security and durability. Checked over the PCB's traces for the best solder joints possible!


Group shot:In the Dark...

Now I know Alex is ready to have his family back, but I just need a little more time to get soundclips recorded! But right now I need to eat.. Forgot to since I was busy earlier! And the Small Stone made a gash in the opposite thumb that the Small Clone injured. :) Rugrats bandaids always come to the rescue.

Alex's SD-1

So.. one of my oldest friends.:) The Boss SD-1! I originally set out to transform his SD-1 into a Passion Drive model, but the previous mods that had been done limited my abilities somewhat.

The people at protone replaced all but about three caps with higher quality film or whatever and changed a few things, and resoldered the PCB joints. when I got it the output was insanely low, on account of one of their wires breaking from the solder joint. I went back over it and checked every single spot for durability.

Then I began the process of getting his thin sounding, raspy overdrive to be more like mine. One thing I did change is how much bass comes in. On mine, there is an insane amount of bass and warmth, which lends to the velvety smooth darkness that I favor. On his, I instead went with my newfound motto that "Treble is easierto take away than to add." So his is more biting and precise on the top end of the spectrum with a fully stable bass response and an all-around smoother crunch. His is able to get stingingly clear notes and can back off the tone for warmer but defined notes.

Hopefully itll be a great addition to his classic rock board!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stargazer FX "Dream Muff"

So, I've finally gotten to the Big Muff! This beast is remarkably unique and will not be mistaken for any other fuzz. Once you've played a Big Muff from the factory, you think there is nothing better than that monstrous tone.

But once you play a Stargazer FX Modded Big Muff, you will be dreaming of having all the time in the world to jam out on it. I've changed the tonestack to allow the same old scooped midrange and emphasized bass and treble, all the way up to a smooth and full midrange-packed solo tone! Now the Big Muff has five knobs and five switches.

The knobs control:

  • Volume
  • Tone
  • Mids (left is more, right is scoop!)
  • Sustain
  • Decay

The switches control:

  • Clipping diodes on first gain stage
  • Clipping diodes on second gain stage
  • "Cream"
  • Bypass
  • "Expand"

Taking out either set of diodes will result in a very different sound. and depending on what sort of sound you're going for will make or break your overall tonality. 

The Decay knob allows the pedal to finally be quiet when you arent playing; acting as a noise gate of sorts. Another fun way to use it is to make the Muff become a quick-decay fuzz and make it sound glitchy!

Tons of fun can be had with this on the Raunchier side of distorted fuzz walls.. But one thing that it can do now is become a booster! If you just want some more volume and add some mids and refine the tone; then do it! This thing earns the space it takes up on your pedal board now. Not only does it make huge walls; it also can become a strong Distortion, a bluesy crunch machine, a spazztastic fuzz, and a relatively clean booster with Tone and midrange shaping. (all with an added noise gate when activated!) Did I forget to mention that the volume is able to get INSANELY LOUD?!?!

Use the "Cream" switch to boost the muff's gain stages and break through all sonic boundaries! Set the Tone and mids to a stock Muffish scooped sound and hit the "Expand" switch for a more natural tone response.

It will take a while to get used to all the options. But look at it this way.. You'll never need another Dirt pedal!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Small Clones and the Neccessities of Invention!

OK, so the Small Clone got pretty much to "FUBAR" status as you can see in my last post. Taking the advice of Frank Zappa, I used my neccessities to behave as the mother of invention!

I took a BB sized metal box, from Small Bear Electronics [where I buy all of my stuff from], and used it for the better, harder, and stronger enclosure for the Small Clone!!

Here's what I ended up with:

Monday, July 13, 2009

A New Order!

My buddy Alex, sent me his vintage Small Stone, a new Big Muff Pi, a modded SD-1, and his Choralflange (in trade for my hot-rodded Small Clone). Now's time for the newest journey to begin!

The pedals are now on my "workbench".. AKA washing machine, as I have no good place to work on. After organizing the different pedals and the parts necessary to mod them with, I decided to get to work! I unscrewed every pedal so that I could get to the circuits. From there, I started soldering the new DC jack on the Small Clone and forgot that I ordered the kind that have to be in before I can solder them.. D: Christ, it ain't never easy! But I unsoldered it and have the jack ready to be drilled so that I can resolder it together.

I begin the drilling process and everything seems to be good. Firm, steady pressure and holding the box down. Then this is where it goes wrong. The drill bit jams, causing the kinetic force of the drill to make the box twist in my hand and bend the metal enclosure. After it's done bending out of my hand it manages to get a fantastic little slice on my thumb. Ah, sheet metal.. Why do you hurt me so?

All in all.. EHX should stop keeping their DC jacks as 1/8" negative sleeve, positive tip. Get with the program!! You make some of the best stompboxes, but yet you continue to use the same crappy parts that noone has a dedicated power supply for, so it causes modders to slice their hands open or players to have to buy special adapters. We love you EHX.. It's just time for a realization.. Time for change.

Seeing as how deformed the original box is and how hard it would be to repair it. I think Im just going to rehouse the PCB into a metal case. 

Saturday, July 4, 2009

June/July Transition!

Okay, so its been a pretty good month. I've had my best and biggest gig yet sitting in with DL Token! I've also gotten further into my whole Stargazer FX business and have been upgrading to being able to make and produce m own pedals that I've designed. All handwired, inspected, and designed by me and me alone!

I've been brushing up and have came up with my pedals' concepts of design and will be completely different from any other pedal out there that I've ever seen. Rugged metal enclosures, True Bypass that everyone loves so much!, all the best parts, and the hand-selected components that will do the job best. There are also a few secrets to my design that I've been trying to finalize for the actual finish of the box and get it to be a very distinctive look.

I have also modified a brand new MXR Phase 90 to Script specs for that great bubblegum 70's subtle phase swirl [with a pink LED to match]! Along with it, I've been working on a Dyna Comp, which will go to JMH with improved tonal response, tweaked to his specs with the decay and attack.. Now the last problem is the noise issue. This has been found to be a problem in all Dyna comps, and is noticeable at gig level volumes, but only in certain spots. Knowing JMH, he will be able to work around this but I still want to find a remedy. This pedal is great, but the noise kills it. The yellow LED is mighty nice though! Furthermore, I am modding my Marshall Guv'nor II to have two different styles of clipping for a more saturated overdrive in comparison to the crunchy buzz of the stock pedal. I've also changed the tonal structure to give it more top end bite than the muddiness it had out of the box. My friend Alex, Stratguy23 on GG, and I have began collaborating and doing pedal business. I'm going to be doing some mods on his vintage Green Small Stone, trading my super-modded Small Clone for his Choralflange, modifying his Big Muff to my own design of "Dream Muff" specs, and also modding his SD-1 to "Passion Drive" specs.

Next to come: My own creation in complete form!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Updates [music and gear!]

I'm trying to get my board together. Right now Ive got my SD-1 (with "Passion Drive" mods), into a Modded Marshall GV-2 (different clipping distortion styles for more monster gain!), into a (soon to be acquired) pitch shifter for harmonies [either a cheapo Behringer, or an affordably-priced Boss PS-5 from Ebay], then the DD-20 (for delays obviously), a Modded Phase 90 comes next (on its way to my house from a guy on GG, itll have a depth knob and color switch in addition to the speed knob0 :) ), next comes a Digiverb (gonna get it off of Ebay, for all its huge verbs and reverse[which can be used with my pitchshifter for octoverb like Line6 or reverse pentaverb; fifths in harmony with reverse reverb ^_^]) into a Choralflange :D (got in a trade for my supermodded Small Clone!, also coming to my house soon), then my RC-2 ends the pedalboard and it goes into my Hot Rod Deluxe. I'm gonna be able to make some new music now. :D

Look for my new project, just me playing around with my gear; Dark Side of the Sun. Ill take a pic when my pedalboard is complete and then post clips as well, but Ive got a few songs in the works that I may upload soon!


Friday, June 26, 2009

Stargazer FX Demos!

I have finally started to get a few good demos together, and here they are:


Enjoy everyone! 

and for a preview of the pedals that are on here as of right now, June 26 '09, here they are:

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stargazer FX "Draven/Cullen" Mod for Boss Metal Zone

So, I cracked open my Metal zone (MT-2). I have hated that thing every second that Ive had it. Now, I LOVE IT!

I modifed the tonal characteristics of the pedal to be much smoother and get rid of the stupid cocked wah sound. Now, the thing is a real monster.. With a small twist..

I have a switch on the pedal to change the "personality" of the gain. Stock, It is VERY fizzy and not pleasing in any way at all. Now, with the switch turned to the "Draven" side (think about the Crow ;) ), The Pedal responds to your playing with a demonic type of Drive structure. It replicates the sound of layers of volume overlapping and distorting the sonic soundwaves. This sound is much more open than the stock version. and the EQ is much more improved. If you play with the Midrange Freq, and the Mids turned up a bit, it will sound like youre sweeping a wah but not like the originalpedal would. This is a much more defined way, like a REAL equalizer would affect the midrange sweep. And if you find the secret spot... The pedal will respond to YOU! There is a spot where it will cause self oscillation, which is only barely felt by the user when the guitar is plugged in. But when you unplug the guitar at this setting (turn the volume down first though) the pedal will be self oscillating as if it were in a feedback loop! You can harness the sweep of the EQ and gain controls to vary the frequency/pitch of the note caused by the oscillation. But, be aware that it can get crazy; and its not available in every spot of the controls, but when you get the feel for the oscillation you'll know what youre doing. Within the "Draven" mode, the new Blue LED to show when the pedal is on will be lit.

In "Cullen" mode, the Metal Zone takes on a whole other persona; no longer will the orange LED show you the way to go, but now two eyes will watch and lead you. You may notice this more recent name, and the Lights to match the two phases of his hunger (shown within his eye colors; amber and red ). The amber that shows he is satisfied, and hungry no more, flashes opposite to the eye of bloody satisfaction, after the kill. this configuration, like any eyes, will blink in response to what is given to it. If you play, it will be watching you.. If you hold on to one good long note, He'll stare you down mercilessly.. Hungrily. This setting is best shown if at a cranked gain setting. The eyes will burn more intinsely upon you when the beast is fed more. if you turn his feast away from him, he will fade away. Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust.

As if that were'nt enough, the MT-2 now is a graverobber. Meaning that those batteries that you once thought were dead... Are Alive again! I prefer to use mine with a dying battery (one that has been looonng gone). It gives a more spongy feel to the response and gives a strong fuzz-like quality in the "Draven" mode. No lights will shine in this condition though. Would you expect something that's dead to shine anyways? You wont be able to see the difference, but you will feel and hear it. Just like the difference between a living body and dead, the feel is different as well as the response.

For a brand new Mt-2 with the Draven/Cullen mod installed and sent straight to you, I only as kfor $160 plus shipping costs.

To mod your existing MT-2, send it to me with $80 and yours will become a new monster!

Stargazer FX Blues Junior Mod

Do you lack a certain clarity in your Blues junior combo? Feel like it needs more of that punch and cut that is so evident in higher priced models? 

While working on John Mark's Blues Junior, I discovered this whole other realm of beauty and tones that this little amp is capable of! The tones are astounding out of such a small amp.

In the mod, I fix everything that is wrong with the stock Blues jr.; the volume jumps, the muddiness, the breakup harshness, and any other unpleasantry that you feel while playing. I take your Blues Junior and fix the volume control to where it is USEABLE! Fix it to the correct type of control it should be and adjust the range ever so slightly so that it can obtain bedroom levels and still reach gig levels! I also intall an additional control for the "Prescence" of the amp, which also effects the overall tonal response of the amp to you and your playing style. The EQ section will be shifted to allow much wider control of the tonal abilities in the amp. Instead of always having the Fender clean, You can crank the input volume, adjust the EQ to your favored response, and the prescence as well; after youre done tweaking those controls, hit the fat switch for a searing overdrive and turn the master up to wherever you prefer! For additional gain and grit from the amp, I like to use my SD-1 with the "Passion Drive" mod to boost the input and bump the EQ with a little bit more midrange and "umph!"

I'll make clips soon :)


Boss SD-1 "Passion Drive" Mod

Through my research of working with the SD-1, I have finaally came to the optimum conclusion of getting all that is attainable from this overdrive. All the greatest tones are coakable and every practical application as an overdrive or dirty boost is right under your foot!

The "Passion Drive" mod will convert your stock SD-1 (also can be done on any other tubescreamer type pedal) into a tone monster and throw all of the best dynamics, sustain, and crunchy goodness into yoursound. Before i even started playing, I knew there was this smooth, crisp, clear, and musically soothing sound that I was after. After six years of daily hunting; I've found it. The newfound stability, clarity and enhancements are amazing! The way the drive gets gritty in response to your picking strength and dynamics changes all the rules of playing. Just playing through this pedal gives me all the mojo I need for a good solo/gig/concert/performance.

  • Clarity
  • Full Range tone response
  • Tonal stability
  • Subtle to driving grit
  • Smooth dynamics
  • Plenty of Volume
  • Complete Tonal Domination

All of this and so much more is immediately at your disposal. Oh yeah, there's a Pink LED too!

So if you want the sound thats been boggling your brain for so long; get up with me and I'll give you what you need.

Stargazer FX "Passion Drive" Mod for the Boss SD-1 and other Tubescreamer-based pedals is available as a mod to your existing overdrive for $75 plus shipping and handling.

A brand new Boss SD-1 with the "Passion Drive" mod already installed for only $120 plus shipping and handling.

All the best,


Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Li'l Creations

So far I've got at least 5 little monsters of my own design:

  1. Eulalia
  2. Waves of Aurora
  3. The Color of Passion
  4. Subterranean Velvet
  5. Revolver

And my Spidey Stomp Volume Box of course! :D

I've also got many many many designs of modifications to wahs, overdrives, distortions, fuzzes, etc.

My most recent creations that were not entirely my own design/modded:

  1. Stargazer FX Modded SD-1 (Joryn's Mods)
  2. Stargazer FX Modded SD-1 (Mine)
  3. Stargazer FX Modded Crybaby (JMH)
  4. Stargazer FX Modded DS-1 (Mine)
  5. Treble Skreamer (JM417) [which eventually became entirely my own design]

And many more that I never really deemed notable; just little tiny things.

Soon to come:

- A sweet-sounding little amp

- My own wah

- Alot of demos and pedals being shipped to new homes!

Boss DS-1 Update

I have modded it since I last left the site. Much more dynamic range and huge gain possible. Sounds much more amp-like and the way I like for it to be. I'm happy with it, and it gives me the great crunch of my favorite tube amps that I'll never be able to afford! :D

When I use it with my setup (gtr->Sd-1->Ds-1->Small clone->DD-20->MM-4->Rc-2->Fender Hot Rod Deluxe) It acts as my dirty channel. Ive got a nice fender clean tone, then add the Sd-1 for nice tweedy crunch rhythm sound, and the Ds-1 brings in the marshally crunch that I love with plenty of bass and treble to boom and cut through. For my lead channel, supersaturated, I run the Sd-1 into the Ds-1 for that great sound that I love as my lead! (I love the soldano smoothness that it resembles :D)

If needed I can post more clips or pics. It looks the same as last time, just the sound is muuucchhh more intense and useable.


I've been away from the site a while. I apologize to those, if any, who have been patiently awaiting new news. My workbench has been full and the clock never lasts long enough. School's been in the way, but nevertheless, I've got new work!

I've gotten my prototyping done for a few pedals and have successfully engaged in one transaction (much thanks to Joryn! Hope the SD-1 treats you well. ;) ) And I've been getting a few custom orders and working on my own stuff.

I plan to have music demos of pedals and probably some music from my little project(s) up here.



Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Pedalboard

Here's the update as of 2/7/09

I'm running into JMH's TS-9 (only temporarily though), into My SD-1, then the signal goes into my DD-20 :), and to the BF-3 afterwards, the chain ends with the DDL-3 running into the Small Clone and straight into the Hot Rod Deluxe (Always Clean)

I'm Considering buying a Mini-KP for ease of gigging and extra great atmospheric sounds. And possibly a Grestch or a Tele, possibly a PRS. I'm really happy with my rig, and mostly use it in its entirety for soundscapes but it divides for a great number of uses.

For some reason Blogspot isn't uploading my pics, so here's a preview of them. (click to see big) ^_^