Friday, September 4, 2009

Stargazer FX Modded Marshall Guv'nor +

I had bought one of these pedals back when I first started loving the Marshall sound. Out of the box, I thought it was a bit too compressed and muddy, then the nasally honk of unbalanced midrange was killing me!

So I eventually modded it for a more versatile tone and added a "Model" switch. Then my buddy Donnie of Mississippi ended up trading me a Boss CH-1, Zoom Power Driver 5000, and Danelectro Fab Echo for the Guv'nor Plus. Here's what Donnie said after he had gotten the time to play through it: [two days, and the first was just waiting to find time to play it :D]

"As far as getting the EQ dialed in just right for my tastes, I'm done.

Gain=Max, Deep=2:00, Bass=2:00, Mid=12:00, Treble=1:00, Volume=8:00

B.C. Rich Guitar-GV2-Clean Channel of 5150 Head-DigiVerb set to Spring Emulation in FX Loop-Open Back 2x12" Cabinet. Guitar Vloume set to 5, and Guitar Tone set to 8.

I must confess that for 95% of the hour and a half or so I've spent with this pedal, I've had the Gain maxed out, just trying to get killer JCM and JTM tones via the switch mod. It's a rock-n-roll machine. I've yet to see how it sounds at "Overdrive" settings. I liked it so much as a "Mid-Gain" pedal, that I got sidetracked. Lower gain experiments will happen over the weekend I'm sure.

JCM setting with Gain Maxed = Welcome to the Jungle, Tush
JTM setting with Gain Maxed = Whole Lotta Love, Ain't Talkin' Bout Love

It has a Clear, Articulate, Crisp, Bright, Crunchy, Upper-Mid Emphasis. It sounds just like a Marshall Amp with the Gain set High."

And soon, He will be sending me some audio clips and with his permission, I will add them to the Stargazer FX Soundclick.

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