Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stargazer FX "Mondo Mouse"

For a long time, I have LOVED the sound of a Rat! And now, my aussie friend Eric calls in a request for a Stargazer FX take on a classic design. :) You know where that could end up at!

So I bought every single component in the highest quality and bought a PCB from Tonepad which turned out to be just as much beautiful in looks as sound! This pedal really goes without saying; so here's some pictures to tell you thousands of words:

V controls Volume, F is the Filter, D is the Drive control, G is the Girth of the distortion, and S is the Smoothness in the overdrive; M/T/C switch is the mode selector. M=Mondo/T=Turbo/C=Classic. In the Demo I generally have the settings as you see them in the photos running into my Modified Blues Junior and going through the modes and sometimes fiddling with the knobs settings.

And the soundclips can be found here:

Congrats to Eric Bagnara of Austrailia! Youve got number one, but Ill have the next one! It was great working with you on it man.

Oh and did I mention that it self-oscialltes at higher gain settings with the Girth and Smoothnes at the more extreme settings? Pretty much every imaginably useful tone can be obtained by the Mondo Mouse! I'm very proud of it and look foward to your demos Eric.

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  1. Cool! :D I like the mode selector thing!

    -Daniel (not sabotaging your blog :B)