Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stargazer FX "Homme Des Cavernes Orthodoxe"

My newest product, but oldest design has arrived!

The Stargazer FX "Homme Des Cavernes Orthodoxe" has arrived as our smallest and craziest pedal yet, especially out of the ones on the site. [Some designs go unrecognized or unauthorized to enter the site.] But our most Massive Gain Monster has arrived; and its our little dark secret.

One knob control how much insane and warm "Output" the "H.D.C.O."pushes into your amp, and the other controls the "Juice" that the pedal recieves and varies it's overall response accordingly. This pedal also reacts very subconsciously to your playing and volume. if you roll it back and use lower "Juice" settings youll get the 8-bit sounds of your favorite old arcade games and the new-age sputter and velcro-grind that HDCO does so well. If you like, sludge, fuzz, or fudge;  This little beast has all of the things you love in one, with enough volume to make the windows shake with a good amp. The decay is also varied depending upon tone, playing styles and juice. In some settings, there will be some wavering and others have a very short decay. A self-silencer is included for minimal noise operation while retaining clarity, doominess, and sustain. Also features True Bypass with LED and a boss style, heavy duty metal DC jack. This pedal will not accept a 9Volt battery; it must be run from wall power. I am attempting a conscious effort to help our environment in doing so. and if neccesary, you can always get a Boss Style Dc jack to 9 Volt connector style adapter, or if you absolutely need one I can one make for you, just add $5 to your order.

With different playing caveats and with the guitar's tone knob in various positions you have endless options with the HDCO.

A rough idea of what it can sound like: (with reverb thrown in a few times to accentuate the natural hugeness of the HDCO)[link shows entire recording session I took while I was playing with it; so youll have plenty to listen to. :)] (Split into three parts.)


Using a Stargazer FX JMH modified Blues Jr. and my Strat in D-standard with Drop-C on the low E string.

It ain't easy being the smallest in the family. :)

The first H.D.C.O. has been created! for Eric of Austrailia:
Artwork may vary on select models, but this may be what I stick with. and notice how bright the Pink LED is! :)

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