Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Pedalboard

Here's the update as of 2/7/09

I'm running into JMH's TS-9 (only temporarily though), into My SD-1, then the signal goes into my DD-20 :), and to the BF-3 afterwards, the chain ends with the DDL-3 running into the Small Clone and straight into the Hot Rod Deluxe (Always Clean)

I'm Considering buying a Mini-KP for ease of gigging and extra great atmospheric sounds. And possibly a Grestch or a Tele, possibly a PRS. I'm really happy with my rig, and mostly use it in its entirety for soundscapes but it divides for a great number of uses.

For some reason Blogspot isn't uploading my pics, so here's a preview of them. (click to see big) ^_^


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

To Anyone Who Reads My Site

I've been getting my act together and I'm in between cleaning up old projects that I've decided not to waste my time with. I'm focusing predominantly on recording, writing, and playing right now. :)  Look for new music and if anyone wants any of my gear, there are some things I'm trying to sale. Leave a comment with some way to get up with you and we can work something out.