Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stargazer FX "Draven/Cullen" Mod for Boss Metal Zone

So, I cracked open my Metal zone (MT-2). I have hated that thing every second that Ive had it. Now, I LOVE IT!

I modifed the tonal characteristics of the pedal to be much smoother and get rid of the stupid cocked wah sound. Now, the thing is a real monster.. With a small twist..

I have a switch on the pedal to change the "personality" of the gain. Stock, It is VERY fizzy and not pleasing in any way at all. Now, with the switch turned to the "Draven" side (think about the Crow ;) ), The Pedal responds to your playing with a demonic type of Drive structure. It replicates the sound of layers of volume overlapping and distorting the sonic soundwaves. This sound is much more open than the stock version. and the EQ is much more improved. If you play with the Midrange Freq, and the Mids turned up a bit, it will sound like youre sweeping a wah but not like the originalpedal would. This is a much more defined way, like a REAL equalizer would affect the midrange sweep. And if you find the secret spot... The pedal will respond to YOU! There is a spot where it will cause self oscillation, which is only barely felt by the user when the guitar is plugged in. But when you unplug the guitar at this setting (turn the volume down first though) the pedal will be self oscillating as if it were in a feedback loop! You can harness the sweep of the EQ and gain controls to vary the frequency/pitch of the note caused by the oscillation. But, be aware that it can get crazy; and its not available in every spot of the controls, but when you get the feel for the oscillation you'll know what youre doing. Within the "Draven" mode, the new Blue LED to show when the pedal is on will be lit.

In "Cullen" mode, the Metal Zone takes on a whole other persona; no longer will the orange LED show you the way to go, but now two eyes will watch and lead you. You may notice this more recent name, and the Lights to match the two phases of his hunger (shown within his eye colors; amber and red ). The amber that shows he is satisfied, and hungry no more, flashes opposite to the eye of bloody satisfaction, after the kill. this configuration, like any eyes, will blink in response to what is given to it. If you play, it will be watching you.. If you hold on to one good long note, He'll stare you down mercilessly.. Hungrily. This setting is best shown if at a cranked gain setting. The eyes will burn more intinsely upon you when the beast is fed more. if you turn his feast away from him, he will fade away. Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust.

As if that were'nt enough, the MT-2 now is a graverobber. Meaning that those batteries that you once thought were dead... Are Alive again! I prefer to use mine with a dying battery (one that has been looonng gone). It gives a more spongy feel to the response and gives a strong fuzz-like quality in the "Draven" mode. No lights will shine in this condition though. Would you expect something that's dead to shine anyways? You wont be able to see the difference, but you will feel and hear it. Just like the difference between a living body and dead, the feel is different as well as the response.

For a brand new Mt-2 with the Draven/Cullen mod installed and sent straight to you, I only as kfor $160 plus shipping costs.

To mod your existing MT-2, send it to me with $80 and yours will become a new monster!

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