Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Updated Rig [Hopefully the Real Thing!]


I modded the amp last night and put it together this morning. sounds good, but I just have to sort out the Hum issues. I removed the reverb and master volume controls and replaced the master with a new volume control, and added an FX Loop toggle for straight amp/Amp with FX Loop. It's got a very nice twin-ish/blackface-y sound to it, I threw in some more midrange though. Touch of warmth too!

I think to fix the hum, Ill just have to send all of the reverb signal to ground. The only other thing is how the speaker buzzes when I play a resonant note or if I play loud at all...


Okay, here's the newest incarnation!

-MIM Fender Fat Strat HH Deluxe [Black]
-MIM Fender Standard Tele [White]

Gtr>SD-1>Blues Jr.

Gtr>A/B/Y>[A]>SD-1>Blues Jr[send>MX200, left channel in and out>return]
>[b]>GV-2>Hot Rod Dlx[send>SSVB>MX200, right ch, in& out>return]

A/B/Y is homemade, Spidey Stomp Volume Box is homemade, SD-1 is modded ["Passion Drive"], Gv-2 is modded [less mud, LED and GE/LED clip switch], Blues Jr is modded [Blackface, True bypassable FX Loop, Celestion G12-HT 100 speaker, Reverb circuit is hard-wired to "off" mode and all connections to the reverb circuit from the rest of the amp are disconnected].

[Blues Jr.]
Sovtek 12AX7 as V1, Groove Tube 12AX7-R as V2, and EHX 12AX7EH as V3, Matched pair of JJ EL84 output tubes.

EHX 12AX7EH as V1 & V2, all else is stock.

(pics and vids are soon to come. Need to get rid of the speaker resonance!)


Soundclips here:


Okay, so im changing a few things around!

My Tele and Strat each have their own rigs:

Tele>SD-1*>Red '69 Fuzz [made by plmr5181]>Blues Jr.*
[in FX Loop] Digitech RP80>DD-20>Phase 90*>Digiverb>Choralflange>RC-2

Strat>GV-2*>MT-2*>BF-3>HRD[Spidey Stomp Volume box in loop]

Tele's Rig is more for general playing and spacey/everything just about. Strat's Rig is more of a driving rock sound! and more of a "Standard" sort of rock/rawk tone for Bigger distortion tones.

Oh! Im also starting to love my little Yamaha keyboard. Tons of fun and great for recording backing tracks and such. I use it with the RC-2 alot to record the background loops when Im not running the Tele through a loop.

*=Stargazer FX Modified

Tons of pics and music to come! Ill actually find time to record.

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