Monday, June 29, 2009

Updates [music and gear!]

I'm trying to get my board together. Right now Ive got my SD-1 (with "Passion Drive" mods), into a Modded Marshall GV-2 (different clipping distortion styles for more monster gain!), into a (soon to be acquired) pitch shifter for harmonies [either a cheapo Behringer, or an affordably-priced Boss PS-5 from Ebay], then the DD-20 (for delays obviously), a Modded Phase 90 comes next (on its way to my house from a guy on GG, itll have a depth knob and color switch in addition to the speed knob0 :) ), next comes a Digiverb (gonna get it off of Ebay, for all its huge verbs and reverse[which can be used with my pitchshifter for octoverb like Line6 or reverse pentaverb; fifths in harmony with reverse reverb ^_^]) into a Choralflange :D (got in a trade for my supermodded Small Clone!, also coming to my house soon), then my RC-2 ends the pedalboard and it goes into my Hot Rod Deluxe. I'm gonna be able to make some new music now. :D

Look for my new project, just me playing around with my gear; Dark Side of the Sun. Ill take a pic when my pedalboard is complete and then post clips as well, but Ive got a few songs in the works that I may upload soon!


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