Monday, July 13, 2009

A New Order!

My buddy Alex, sent me his vintage Small Stone, a new Big Muff Pi, a modded SD-1, and his Choralflange (in trade for my hot-rodded Small Clone). Now's time for the newest journey to begin!

The pedals are now on my "workbench".. AKA washing machine, as I have no good place to work on. After organizing the different pedals and the parts necessary to mod them with, I decided to get to work! I unscrewed every pedal so that I could get to the circuits. From there, I started soldering the new DC jack on the Small Clone and forgot that I ordered the kind that have to be in before I can solder them.. D: Christ, it ain't never easy! But I unsoldered it and have the jack ready to be drilled so that I can resolder it together.

I begin the drilling process and everything seems to be good. Firm, steady pressure and holding the box down. Then this is where it goes wrong. The drill bit jams, causing the kinetic force of the drill to make the box twist in my hand and bend the metal enclosure. After it's done bending out of my hand it manages to get a fantastic little slice on my thumb. Ah, sheet metal.. Why do you hurt me so?

All in all.. EHX should stop keeping their DC jacks as 1/8" negative sleeve, positive tip. Get with the program!! You make some of the best stompboxes, but yet you continue to use the same crappy parts that noone has a dedicated power supply for, so it causes modders to slice their hands open or players to have to buy special adapters. We love you EHX.. It's just time for a realization.. Time for change.

Seeing as how deformed the original box is and how hard it would be to repair it. I think Im just going to rehouse the PCB into a metal case. 

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