Saturday, June 20, 2009

Boss SD-1 "Passion Drive" Mod

Through my research of working with the SD-1, I have finaally came to the optimum conclusion of getting all that is attainable from this overdrive. All the greatest tones are coakable and every practical application as an overdrive or dirty boost is right under your foot!

The "Passion Drive" mod will convert your stock SD-1 (also can be done on any other tubescreamer type pedal) into a tone monster and throw all of the best dynamics, sustain, and crunchy goodness into yoursound. Before i even started playing, I knew there was this smooth, crisp, clear, and musically soothing sound that I was after. After six years of daily hunting; I've found it. The newfound stability, clarity and enhancements are amazing! The way the drive gets gritty in response to your picking strength and dynamics changes all the rules of playing. Just playing through this pedal gives me all the mojo I need for a good solo/gig/concert/performance.

  • Clarity
  • Full Range tone response
  • Tonal stability
  • Subtle to driving grit
  • Smooth dynamics
  • Plenty of Volume
  • Complete Tonal Domination

All of this and so much more is immediately at your disposal. Oh yeah, there's a Pink LED too!

So if you want the sound thats been boggling your brain for so long; get up with me and I'll give you what you need.

Stargazer FX "Passion Drive" Mod for the Boss SD-1 and other Tubescreamer-based pedals is available as a mod to your existing overdrive for $75 plus shipping and handling.

A brand new Boss SD-1 with the "Passion Drive" mod already installed for only $120 plus shipping and handling.

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