Friday, July 31, 2009

Stargazer FX Wah Mod Deluxe

Are you tired of your old Crybaby wah? Does it suck all of the life from your tone? Or has playing it just gotten boring and seemingly useless?

I've got the cure for you! I will take your old wah; Crybaby, Vox, Etc. and Modify it to your exact specs. so what do you need?

  • Bass/Guitar switch (useful when swapping between the two)
  • True Bypass
  • Foot-on activation/Foot-off bypass
  • LED
  • More warmth to the wah
  • More Vocal quality
  • Extended Wah Sweep and Range
  • Wah/haW switch (Reverses the sweep of the wah)
  • Wah/Volume switch
  • Stargazer FX Exclusive "Revolu-wah"! (makes your wah do the foot action for you, by revolving the sweep instead of using your foot to control it and adjusted by the speed knob next to the switch between manual and Revolu-wah)
  • Spring-Action (so that it will return to the comfortable heel-down or toe-down position when you finish playing; please specify toe or heel down.)
  • "Flavor" knob
  • Switchable Bass/Mids/Vocal/Sweep Mods
  • Manual/Parked wah modes (allowing you to set a position for the wah to be parked at, or switch back to control it with your foot.)
  • "Q" Control

Just let me know what you need or want and Ill work something out with you.

And Remember; If you see the "Revolu-wah" anywhere else, it's not the real deal. I'm the only person Ive found to even implement this design in a stompbox or any other form.

I am also working on developing a Touch mode with sensitivity control for how the wah responds to your pick attack, just like a touch wah/autowah/filter would!

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