Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Alex's SD-1

So.. one of my oldest friends.:) The Boss SD-1! I originally set out to transform his SD-1 into a Passion Drive model, but the previous mods that had been done limited my abilities somewhat.

The people at protone replaced all but about three caps with higher quality film or whatever and changed a few things, and resoldered the PCB joints. when I got it the output was insanely low, on account of one of their wires breaking from the solder joint. I went back over it and checked every single spot for durability.

Then I began the process of getting his thin sounding, raspy overdrive to be more like mine. One thing I did change is how much bass comes in. On mine, there is an insane amount of bass and warmth, which lends to the velvety smooth darkness that I favor. On his, I instead went with my newfound motto that "Treble is easierto take away than to add." So his is more biting and precise on the top end of the spectrum with a fully stable bass response and an all-around smoother crunch. His is able to get stingingly clear notes and can back off the tone for warmer but defined notes.

Hopefully itll be a great addition to his classic rock board!

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