Thursday, May 7, 2009

Boss DS-1 Update

I have modded it since I last left the site. Much more dynamic range and huge gain possible. Sounds much more amp-like and the way I like for it to be. I'm happy with it, and it gives me the great crunch of my favorite tube amps that I'll never be able to afford! :D

When I use it with my setup (gtr->Sd-1->Ds-1->Small clone->DD-20->MM-4->Rc-2->Fender Hot Rod Deluxe) It acts as my dirty channel. Ive got a nice fender clean tone, then add the Sd-1 for nice tweedy crunch rhythm sound, and the Ds-1 brings in the marshally crunch that I love with plenty of bass and treble to boom and cut through. For my lead channel, supersaturated, I run the Sd-1 into the Ds-1 for that great sound that I love as my lead! (I love the soldano smoothness that it resembles :D)

If needed I can post more clips or pics. It looks the same as last time, just the sound is muuucchhh more intense and useable.

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