Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stargazer FX Blues Junior Mod

Do you lack a certain clarity in your Blues junior combo? Feel like it needs more of that punch and cut that is so evident in higher priced models? 

While working on John Mark's Blues Junior, I discovered this whole other realm of beauty and tones that this little amp is capable of! The tones are astounding out of such a small amp.

In the mod, I fix everything that is wrong with the stock Blues jr.; the volume jumps, the muddiness, the breakup harshness, and any other unpleasantry that you feel while playing. I take your Blues Junior and fix the volume control to where it is USEABLE! Fix it to the correct type of control it should be and adjust the range ever so slightly so that it can obtain bedroom levels and still reach gig levels! I also intall an additional control for the "Prescence" of the amp, which also effects the overall tonal response of the amp to you and your playing style. The EQ section will be shifted to allow much wider control of the tonal abilities in the amp. Instead of always having the Fender clean, You can crank the input volume, adjust the EQ to your favored response, and the prescence as well; after youre done tweaking those controls, hit the fat switch for a searing overdrive and turn the master up to wherever you prefer! For additional gain and grit from the amp, I like to use my SD-1 with the "Passion Drive" mod to boost the input and bump the EQ with a little bit more midrange and "umph!"

I'll make clips soon :)


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