Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Line 6 Modeller Stomp Switches

You know how you can get the amazing double presets on your MM-4, DL-4, or any other Line 6 modelling stompbox? Instead of using the expressino pedal, you can have a nifty little stomp switch!

Dream Muff MKII

For Daniel of Canada! Good buddy of mine, and hopefully he sees this! Look to see more of this dude on my pages.

Bought it second hand for him and then modded and sent with the Dyna Comp to his doorstep while he visited the states.

Stargazer FX "Angel Crank"

Well, here goes another one for Eric of Austrailia! A close cousin to the Eulalia pedal in design, but with plenty of crunchy goodness added in!

Hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mondo Mouse #002

Well, each is custom -made for the user. And this one went out to my good friend, Robbie Van Hoy of Red Springs NC. I'm happy to have made Soundland studios one pedal happier! :D

Stargazer FX Mid-Life Crisis

A freind on the guitargeek forums needed a special pedal made. So I took the liberty to fulfill it to his exact specs. The colors, behavior of the pedal, and even the labels for the knobs.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Hi, everyone!

Stargazer FX is still alive, but I've just been so busy working with pedals, amps, guitars and school that I haven't been able to update in a while. A lot has been done and will be posted as I am able to do so. Have quite a few new products coming your way over the summer. Which is also when I'll be building between one and five of each so that I have some stockpiled without having much wait time for them. Tons of new stuff, and all great and original designs. May also be adding a few tutorials for those who are trying to get into the DIY groove!

I've also been working on recording some new material with my solo music, an online collaboration with some friends overseas. [Predominantly my Austrailian bretheren and "siteren"] =] So expect tons of great new things soon.