Wednesday, July 22, 2009

EHX/Sovtek Green Russian Small Stone

Wow! This thing is the most phasey sound Ive ever heard! The bubbly character is only surpassed by the inherent warmth of the phase.

Only problems are:

  • Noise when Bypassed
  • Noise when engaged
  • Tone suck on bypass (SPDT used for output switching on older units like this)
  • Volume drop due to tone suck (there is none, just the out-of-phase character in comparison to the in-phase guitar makes you think there's a difference.)
  • Gentle whoosh during bypass
  • Overly "woofy" sound at times
  • Crappy circuit design
  • LED problems
  • No battery preservation

So I gave it a Millenium 2 bypass, added a depth control and a "Timbre" switch.

The Depth will control how deep the phaser dives in comparison to the dry signal, acting more as a Dry/Wet Ratio for the amount of phase... Confusing, huh?

Timbre will affect how much bass is allowed into the circuit, after being buffered. Also affects the overall response and feel of the swirls. 

And it has a nice Green LED to match! and new Metal jacks for security and durability. Checked over the PCB's traces for the best solder joints possible!


Group shot:In the Dark...

Now I know Alex is ready to have his family back, but I just need a little more time to get soundclips recorded! But right now I need to eat.. Forgot to since I was busy earlier! And the Small Stone made a gash in the opposite thumb that the Small Clone injured. :) Rugrats bandaids always come to the rescue.

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