Saturday, July 4, 2009

June/July Transition!

Okay, so its been a pretty good month. I've had my best and biggest gig yet sitting in with DL Token! I've also gotten further into my whole Stargazer FX business and have been upgrading to being able to make and produce m own pedals that I've designed. All handwired, inspected, and designed by me and me alone!

I've been brushing up and have came up with my pedals' concepts of design and will be completely different from any other pedal out there that I've ever seen. Rugged metal enclosures, True Bypass that everyone loves so much!, all the best parts, and the hand-selected components that will do the job best. There are also a few secrets to my design that I've been trying to finalize for the actual finish of the box and get it to be a very distinctive look.

I have also modified a brand new MXR Phase 90 to Script specs for that great bubblegum 70's subtle phase swirl [with a pink LED to match]! Along with it, I've been working on a Dyna Comp, which will go to JMH with improved tonal response, tweaked to his specs with the decay and attack.. Now the last problem is the noise issue. This has been found to be a problem in all Dyna comps, and is noticeable at gig level volumes, but only in certain spots. Knowing JMH, he will be able to work around this but I still want to find a remedy. This pedal is great, but the noise kills it. The yellow LED is mighty nice though! Furthermore, I am modding my Marshall Guv'nor II to have two different styles of clipping for a more saturated overdrive in comparison to the crunchy buzz of the stock pedal. I've also changed the tonal structure to give it more top end bite than the muddiness it had out of the box. My friend Alex, Stratguy23 on GG, and I have began collaborating and doing pedal business. I'm going to be doing some mods on his vintage Green Small Stone, trading my super-modded Small Clone for his Choralflange, modifying his Big Muff to my own design of "Dream Muff" specs, and also modding his SD-1 to "Passion Drive" specs.

Next to come: My own creation in complete form!!

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