Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stargazer FX "Dream Muff"

So, I've finally gotten to the Big Muff! This beast is remarkably unique and will not be mistaken for any other fuzz. Once you've played a Big Muff from the factory, you think there is nothing better than that monstrous tone.

But once you play a Stargazer FX Modded Big Muff, you will be dreaming of having all the time in the world to jam out on it. I've changed the tonestack to allow the same old scooped midrange and emphasized bass and treble, all the way up to a smooth and full midrange-packed solo tone! Now the Big Muff has five knobs and five switches.

The knobs control:

  • Volume
  • Tone
  • Mids (left is more, right is scoop!)
  • Sustain
  • Decay

The switches control:

  • Clipping diodes on first gain stage
  • Clipping diodes on second gain stage
  • "Cream"
  • Bypass
  • "Expand"

Taking out either set of diodes will result in a very different sound. and depending on what sort of sound you're going for will make or break your overall tonality. 

The Decay knob allows the pedal to finally be quiet when you arent playing; acting as a noise gate of sorts. Another fun way to use it is to make the Muff become a quick-decay fuzz and make it sound glitchy!

Tons of fun can be had with this on the Raunchier side of distorted fuzz walls.. But one thing that it can do now is become a booster! If you just want some more volume and add some mids and refine the tone; then do it! This thing earns the space it takes up on your pedal board now. Not only does it make huge walls; it also can become a strong Distortion, a bluesy crunch machine, a spazztastic fuzz, and a relatively clean booster with Tone and midrange shaping. (all with an added noise gate when activated!) Did I forget to mention that the volume is able to get INSANELY LOUD?!?!

Use the "Cream" switch to boost the muff's gain stages and break through all sonic boundaries! Set the Tone and mids to a stock Muffish scooped sound and hit the "Expand" switch for a more natural tone response.

It will take a while to get used to all the options. But look at it this way.. You'll never need another Dirt pedal!

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