Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Pedalboard

Here's the update as of 2/7/09

I'm running into JMH's TS-9 (only temporarily though), into My SD-1, then the signal goes into my DD-20 :), and to the BF-3 afterwards, the chain ends with the DDL-3 running into the Small Clone and straight into the Hot Rod Deluxe (Always Clean)

I'm Considering buying a Mini-KP for ease of gigging and extra great atmospheric sounds. And possibly a Grestch or a Tele, possibly a PRS. I'm really happy with my rig, and mostly use it in its entirety for soundscapes but it divides for a great number of uses.

For some reason Blogspot isn't uploading my pics, so here's a preview of them. (click to see big) ^_^


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