Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Li'l Creations

So far I've got at least 5 little monsters of my own design:

  1. Eulalia
  2. Waves of Aurora
  3. The Color of Passion
  4. Subterranean Velvet
  5. Revolver

And my Spidey Stomp Volume Box of course! :D

I've also got many many many designs of modifications to wahs, overdrives, distortions, fuzzes, etc.

My most recent creations that were not entirely my own design/modded:

  1. Stargazer FX Modded SD-1 (Joryn's Mods)
  2. Stargazer FX Modded SD-1 (Mine)
  3. Stargazer FX Modded Crybaby (JMH)
  4. Stargazer FX Modded DS-1 (Mine)
  5. Treble Skreamer (JM417) [which eventually became entirely my own design]

And many more that I never really deemed notable; just little tiny things.

Soon to come:

- A sweet-sounding little amp

- My own wah

- Alot of demos and pedals being shipped to new homes!

Boss DS-1 Update

I have modded it since I last left the site. Much more dynamic range and huge gain possible. Sounds much more amp-like and the way I like for it to be. I'm happy with it, and it gives me the great crunch of my favorite tube amps that I'll never be able to afford! :D

When I use it with my setup (gtr->Sd-1->Ds-1->Small clone->DD-20->MM-4->Rc-2->Fender Hot Rod Deluxe) It acts as my dirty channel. Ive got a nice fender clean tone, then add the Sd-1 for nice tweedy crunch rhythm sound, and the Ds-1 brings in the marshally crunch that I love with plenty of bass and treble to boom and cut through. For my lead channel, supersaturated, I run the Sd-1 into the Ds-1 for that great sound that I love as my lead! (I love the soldano smoothness that it resembles :D)

If needed I can post more clips or pics. It looks the same as last time, just the sound is muuucchhh more intense and useable.


I've been away from the site a while. I apologize to those, if any, who have been patiently awaiting new news. My workbench has been full and the clock never lasts long enough. School's been in the way, but nevertheless, I've got new work!

I've gotten my prototyping done for a few pedals and have successfully engaged in one transaction (much thanks to Joryn! Hope the SD-1 treats you well. ;) ) And I've been getting a few custom orders and working on my own stuff.

I plan to have music demos of pedals and probably some music from my little project(s) up here.