Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stargazer FX "Humbug"

Do you have trouble with your pedals' power supply? All of the noise from your Boss DS-1 driving you craaazy? [I know mine is.]

Some hum in your effects chain is caused by a poorly regulated and filtered power supply. The choppy DC waves that are put out by a wall wart's constant stream of power causes these high frequency oscillations which are heard from the pedals. And who has the time to go through the hassle of using only batteries for their pure-wave with no hum?

Well, I've found a solution! All you really need is some extra filtering and adjustment on your DC power supply and then, voila!, the hum is gone!

Using only the best components and very nit-pickingly hand-made right here in the USA, I present the "Humbug". This little bugger will eat all of those choppy DC waves and let out a wave that the pedal wants to see.

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