Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bryan Ray's Deluxe Bass Dream Muff

Well, this is the fourth muff that I've done a major overhaul to making into someone else's "Dream Muff". Bryan contacted me on yahoo seeking to make his Black Russian Big Muff Pi into a more suitable bass fuzz, and he also mentioned he was a big fan of more experimental types of music.

For a slight idea of what has been done to it, here's a peice of an email I sent him while I was finishing it up.

"Hey Bryan! You'll be happy to know that I've got some news for you!
I've gotten everything wired up except for the mid boost [just two wires left!!!] Everything works as it should, except for two small snags. These are the things I was wanting to tell you about.

The clean blend doesn't do exactly what it was supposed to. It acts sort of as a Master Volume, but I feel like it adds a little something more. When you crank everything on the pedal [with the gate off] you can get insane feedback-y monophonic drone notes! And by playing with the knobs, you can make melodies. The other thing is that the jacks, that hold the PCB up, are still in the original position. My apologies, but I think this is the best way for less confusion and less stress on the wires as well. It doesn't hinder much though, so I doubt it will be a problem for you.

So as far as the clean blend goes, do you want me to keep it as is for crazy stuff, or would you rather it be something more practical, like an input attenuation or "Focus" knob? More signal cleanup or more intensified gain.
But everything else works fine. The Sag can cut alot of voltage, which is alot of fun. the gate works as it should and can provide those crazy sounds. The tone bypass makes the EQ flat, but the tone knob has a very slight influence in this mode. The mid boost will be a huge boost as well. TONs of gain, and all in the best frequencies suited for the bass. DC jack works great, and battery does too. Amber LED is flat out classy. ;)

I'm going to wait to finish it up until you tell me what to do. I have to go to my little sister's birthday party today, so I can do the gist of the remainder of the work tomorrow afternoon after school. I really hope this thing suits you well. I was jamming on it for an hour just to see what all kinds of whacked out tones it can do. Sort of a conglomeration of all the crazy abilities of crazier fuzz pedals combined into a big muff.

Hope everything's well in your life, bud!

Talk to you soon.


So this little monster is stuffed full of features. And though the Clean Blend didn't come out the way as planned, the bypass was repaired and both Bryan and I are psyched for the way it sounds. He'll be recieving it shortly, and I'm making this page for his Deluxe Bass Dream Muff. Congrats, Bryan! I sure hope you enjoy it to it's fullest extent.

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  1. I read up a little bit on talkbass where Bryan posted about the muff. Alot of guys think that the clean blend is blasphemous. = P That's probably why it ended up not working and being more of a noise-helper. The muff gods just wouldn't have it happening!