Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Such a good dude. A definite long-term and long-distance best bud to me, too. From the Dream Muff MKII and my old Dyna Comp, we've come a long way together gear-wise. Anything he's needed, I've done my best to provide, and every pedal idea I dream up, he gets to feel the experience first-hand.

He recently sent me a vintage CE-2, a Vintage RAT, and I picked up a Bad Monkey tube overdrive for him. I got rid of the excess noise and cleaned up the CE-2 as much as I could within the circuit. Such a pretty gem, too! He got lucky to find it. The Rat was converted to the Mondo Mouse and since he's not using a battery compartment, he can just flip the pedal over and tweak the girth trimpot from the outside.

We've done a ton of deals, Daniel. I appreciate it all and only look forward to more in the future.

Here's your page. = D