Friday, April 2, 2010

Tooskoops Photography

Everybody has that one very talented person in their family that's always out on business. Mine just happens to be one that is always a great friend, reliable and always has my back when I need him.

My uncle Lance Eubanks is a very skilled photographer and does alot of amazing work with his craft. The life that he brings into such simple pictures is phenomenal, and how he does it is absolutely beyond me! He also did my senior pictures and has always hooked me up and gotten me into places I could've never gone.

So here's to you, Lance! My greatest reccomendation for a very high-quality photographer who will give you exactly what you want. I guess it's just in our family to be in this on a personal level. Every person is special and deserves to have it suited to their own needs.

For the very best in any kind of photography that you could ever need, you can call and count on Lance.

You really are the man!

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