Friday, April 2, 2010

The Bulbasaur pedal

Its not really a "Bulbasaur-in-a-box". I used an old white MXR sized box that I slapped a good ol' pokemon sticker onto and put a circuit in that is my take on a timeless design. I used a few vintage parts in the circuit to make it even more authentic. They came from PCBs that a good friend sent me from down in florida. He acquired them wen he had to clean out the old Thomas Organ warehouse and had about 13 PCBs that he sent me. the character that those parts provide make this thing phenomenal!

It's an extremely focused and sharp drive, and can reach into fuzz territories. One major point is that it has plenty of clarity, while retaining it's abrasiveness, and really opens up anythign that it is driving. When I use it, I really like to make it sound natural and full by cranking up the volume a tad, but its tricky to do with how much volume and gain it has on tap.

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