Monday, December 22, 2008

VTech Little Smart DJ Jazz 'n Jam!

Another little circuit bending thing, but this time I'll (hopefully) have some soundclips and the project won't die on me.

I got it from my little sisters, because they don't sing or play on it anymore.

I added a quick 9v battery snap onto the regular battery supply's wires instead of the regular way. And, amazingly, with all the components that could cause possible crazy things, I wasn't able to find an amazing amount on first notice. I did find two small places where some buzzing noise is created when shorted (one is kind of loud, the other is more in the background). The coolest thing about this toy is that it can function as a recording looper, a keyboard, glitch/noise machine (once I'm able to dive deeper and explore it :D ), and an actual singing mic (nice and gravelly distortion on it too!) into some little speakers for playback. ^_^

For now I'm thinking:

  • A Boss-style Power Adapter (in place of it's weird barrel or a quick snap)
  • On/off LED for entire unit
  • A On/off "bypass" for entire unit (Soft-Touch Pushbutton, latching SPST on 9v+ signal)
  • An output jack
  • Output volume control
  • 1 switch: momentary SPST, triggers crazy pitch "fart" #1 (Automotive Toggle)
  • 2 switch: momentary SPST, see 1 switch, "fart" #2 (Pushbutton)
  • 3 switch: latching SPST, activates a ring mod-ish type noise that fights with signal (Toggle)
  • 4 switch: latching SPST, activates a feedback loop type of noise that glitches the signal crazily (Toggle)
  • A soft-touch momentary SPST on output jack, "Stutter" switch (Pushbutton)

For now, just those rough ideas. Might add a crazy echo unit into it (with the time or feedback as a footcontrollable wah pedal design), possibly a square wave tone generator, and maybe a dangerous fuzz or ring mod type thing into it.


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  1. I'm glad to see someone else trying to bend this machine. The bends you suggested sound pretty neat and glitchy. I spent a few hours bending mine until I unfortunately blew something (and made a little smoke). But before it was destroyed I recorded a bunch of information and compiled everything I could find on the internet about it here.

    I just noticed this post is from about a year ago, did you ever make any progress? Have any sound clips or videos to share? Thanks for the post and feel free to contact me at