Monday, December 22, 2008

Back to '98

I have no idea how I managed to keep my old Bop-It for all these years. But I saw it the other day and decided I HAD to circuit bend it.

So I got it out of my room today and opened it up to see what it was like inside. I found a good spot and two that are somewhat similar, but one of those two sorta fried my Bop-It :(

My conclusion is that I have two good circuit bends for a Bop-It; one makes it sound very lo-fi, and the other makes it glitchy. :D

Heres where and what to do:

Okay, the yellow one; avoid it! That's what killed mine. I put it there to show you and tell you that it just overload the living crap out of the transistor to make it sound really glitchy, but subsequently kills it. :/ I think maybe a potentiometer would help if you really like the sound, or at least a resistor to keep it from killing itself.

The red one. :) That's my favorite. The lo-fi sound happens here; just put a 100 nF cap across it or on an SPST switch (to toggle it on or off).

Green is the super-glitchy one! :D It sends part of the transistor to the speaker. I have a push to make (latching or momentary SPST) to induce the bend into the circuit. This would probably work well with a potentiometer. Just use the 2nd and 3rd lugs (3 is in from transistor and 2 is out to speaker, leave 1 empty).

Happy Bending! =^-^=


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