Saturday, January 17, 2009

The JMH Wah

The Crybaby that John Mark dropped off was one he had abused for a while. It had some spiderwebs and dust inside, but that was easily fixed in five minutes flat. All he told me when he handed it to me was that he trusts me, and to have fun with it.

So I ended up doing a few different things to it:

  • A slight Volume increase, for a more pronounced and clear wah tone.
  • Increased the mids for a better and smoother sound altogether.
  • Put more clarity into the bass end so that you can actually use it instead of just being pure mud.
  • The obligitory True Bypass.

As of now, I'm in the process of finishing up. I had to take the wah apart so that I could drill easily and more proficiently. 

What I'm Drilling is a hole for a "Flavor" Pot, and a Wah/Volume Switch.

The "Flavor" control will adjust the feel, tone and "magic" of the wah. It will go from Jimi to Jerry in a single turn, and John is right in the middle. :)

And the Wah/Volume is self-explanatory, just an option for it to be a wah or a volume pedal. (Something that I think we all really need)

I'm off to finish the project.


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